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The 300 Day CHALLENGE to Achieve your Goals

The 300 Day Challenge to Achieve Your Goals

If you’re ready to take sales, or anything, to the next step and achieve your goals and dreams, here is your 300-day challenge!

Setting the goal

The goal you want to set for yourself to accomplish at the end of 300 days should take you out of your comfort zone. It needs to be ambitious and not easily achievable, such as doubling your revenue or quadrupling your sales, or becoming a certain position at your company; of course, don’t make it something impossible (i.e., “make a billion dollars” while you could make it, it’s undoubtedly, extremely improbable). Again, these goals need to be large enough that people think you are crazy; even if you fail to reach will still make a massive change in your life. Finally, don’t set too large a time frame for your goals. A lot can change three to five years down the line, and it seems far away enough not to worry about in the present time. With 300 days, it’s...

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The Secret to Your 2023 Technical Sales Strategy

Ready to take the next step to boost your industrial sales performance and wow your team? Kyle Milan breaks down the tips and tricks to make a winning strategy for next year, starting right now!

Audit Your Team

Take a look at your current team and how they are performing. Know who the power players in your s team are and the weak links. With how things stand right now, ask yourself; how will the team perform next year? Take a hard look at where gaps are present and what sort of changes you can implement to bridge those gaps and be ready with your feet running for next year.

Does your team have the proper tools?

Sometimes it’s not the team itself but the resources they lack holding them back. It’s easier to make calls with an integration like Aircall linked directly to a CRM such as Hubspot to quickly dial in potential clients rather than looking them up and dialing one at a time. Do whatever you can to make your sales team's job far...

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