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The 300 Day CHALLENGE to Achieve your Goals

The 300 Day Challenge to Achieve Your Goals

If you’re ready to take sales, or anything, to the next step and achieve your goals and dreams, here is your 300-day challenge!

Setting the goal

The goal you want to set for yourself to accomplish at the end of 300 days should take you out of your comfort zone. It needs to be ambitious and not easily achievable, such as doubling your revenue or quadrupling your sales, or becoming a certain position at your company; of course, don’t make it something impossible (i.e., “make a billion dollars” while you could make it, it’s undoubtedly, extremely improbable). Again, these goals need to be large enough that people think you are crazy; even if you fail to reach will still make a massive change in your life. Finally, don’t set too large a time frame for your goals. A lot can change three to five years down the line, and it seems far away enough not to worry about in the present time. With 300 days, it’s close enough to light a fire under you, yet far away enough to make this crazy goal achievable.


With your goal written down, we move on to the planning stage. Just writing it down and saying mantras to yourself or meditating on your goal won’t give it to you - the drive and emotion to bring it to reality are going to come from you. Break your plan into details and attainable daily, weekly, and monthly subgoals, milestones, and markers to track and ensure everything is going according to plan. If it sometimes seems too much, don’t let it dissuade you from continuing. Make use of every hour you can to make it possible. Keep yourself accountable and discuss your goal with your boss or supervisor to map it out better and get help. After all, help along the way will only make your plan more achievable.

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Execute the plan

It then comes time to execute your plan. Remember, time works against you when you don’t meet your activity goals, and projects will begin to pile up and stress you out even more. Figure out what you need to do daily to reach that goal in 300 days. Sometimes, you will fail and fall short; it happens. Some days feel like losses. But if 80-90% of your days are won, those losses will feel like blips. But you have to keep working at it. Every day you don’t feel like working your best is a wasted day that works against you.

Measure your results and reflect on accomplishments 

Give yourself credit for the wins you achieve; it gives you motivation and proof that you can reach the goals you set out for yourself. Give yourself a break to recharge and refocus, and if you have the extra energy and free time available, spend it on reaching your goals somehow. Auxiliary activities such as research, reading a book, additional planning, etc., can help you reach your destination faster. If things aren’t working the way you intended, make adjustments where necessary.

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