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How To Pitch Technical Products & Services

Pitching Your Technical Products and Services 

The Purpose of the Pitch

When looking at the purpose of your pitch, you have to look beyond just the close and to the next step. It’s common knowledge that you are trying to sell something, but you must keep that in mind. Your potential client has expressed interest in buying your service and product and needs final assurance that this is the right step for them. Your goal is to take them to that next step of confidence. Always think about your ideal goal, and focus your pitch on hitting that goal. The initial pitch is an information-gathering session to make your client your partner; your job is to move them to the next stage of the pipeline from where they are now.

The Material

Your material is auxiliary to your pitch. This includes your website, brochure, print material, pitch deck, and anything that works in your favor. Make sure your material looks presentable, is prepared, and isn’t too overwhelming. More often...

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Technical Sales Prospecting Tips – Circle of Influence

Mastering Technical Sales: Unlocking Sales Prospecting Success

If you’re in technical sales, or any kind of sales for that matter, you usually focus on the decision maker. This is the person who can say yes, sign that contract, and close that deal. However, it can often be hard to get in touch with them, especially if you don’t know them personally. Maybe you’ve used all the outreach methods you can think of, but you still haven’t been able to connect with them.

The good news is that you don’t always have to target just the decision maker. Although this isn’t often mentioned in technical sales training, there are other people you can reach out to and get nearer to that sale.

When you can’t approach the decision maker, the people you can target are the circle of influence around them. These are people who can impact the decision maker’s buying decisions. The circle of influence can sway the decision one way or another, depending on...

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